The 5G era has begun, and the instrumentation industry has entered the fast track of development

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At the opening ceremony of the 2019 China International Information and Communication Exhibition held on October 31, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a 5G commercial launching ceremony with the three major operators. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom officially announced 5G packages, and officially launched 5G commercial packages on November 1. This indicates that China will officially enter the 5G commercial era. It is reported that a total of 50 cities were selected as the first batch of 5G cities. Next year, there will be over 340 commercial cities. So what kind of development will the 5G's arrival bring to the instrumentation industry? Let's take a look together!
As we all know, the most directly related to the instrumentation industry is the sensor. The implementation of all action links and application scenarios in the 5G era needs to be completed by the sensor. The sensor has become the basic hardware and necessary conditions for things. According to industry estimates, by 2019, China's smart sensor market will reach 96 billion yuan. In the 5G era, we are not afraid that there is no market, and that there are no technologies and products to stabilize the market. As long as a sensor company goes deep and makes high-quality products, it will certainly have a bright future.
Smart meters, water meters, gas meters
In the construction of smart cities, the management of electricity, water and gas is an important link. And electricity, water, and gas are indispensable. Smart meters, smart water meters, and smart gas meters are now available. With the application of 5G, it can meet the real-time data collection and transmission of smart three meters, remote scheduling and coordinated control, and multi-system high-speed Interconnection and other functions to achieve remote meter reading. In addition to the basic application of remote meter reading, more functions can be completed through the 5G network. Such as real-time monitoring of electricity leakage, real-time monitoring of water quality, pipeline leakage, gas leakage and other internal conditions of the pipeline.
Precision instrument detection
5G is connected to everything. In the network connection, all industries need to go through signal processing, and the signal link is indispensable for chips and devices, which must be mass-produced after testing by high-tech precision instruments, and network connectivity testing. It also requires precision instrument testing in the communications industry. Everything is interconnected. If you miss any item, you cannot call it all. Although China's 5G application has officially started, it has not yet been perfected, so the advancement of 5G infrastructure will inevitably drive the demand for measuring instruments.
In addition to the three aspects mentioned above, with the introduction of 5G, instruments can be applied to more industries, such as the Internet of Vehicles, and information sensing equipment such as radio frequency identification instruments, sensors, positioning systems, laser scanners, etc. The vehicle can complete the collection of its own environment and status information. In addition, in the future, we can use 5G, cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence to realize that doctors can provide emergency rescue guidance and remote real-time consultation for patients through video and image-based medical diagnostic systems. Services, even remote surgery. The launch of 5G will enable the instrumentation industry in the future to meet a user's needs, will also tend to a simple, convenient operation, and will achieve more functions, smarter and more vivid to use.
It is understood that China has officially started the research and development of 6G, and I believe it will be a different era. Instruments are instruments or equipment used to detect, measure, observe, and calculate various physical quantities, material components, and physical parameters. The development of 6G includes the use of instruments when it is used in the future.
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